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What is a dog cheese chew?

also known as Yak or Himalayan Cheese Chew

Dog Cheese Chews are hard-dried cheese chews. The ingredients are yak and/or cow milk,  lime juice, and a pinch of salt. They are a centuries-old natural chew made from milk, first developed in Nepal by yak herdsmen who were working in the Himalayas and needed an easy way to get a high level of protein for themselves. Dog cheese chews are also known as yak chews or Himalayan chews and are long-lasting dog chews.

  • HEALTHY AND ALL NATURAL:   100% natural. FDA-approved & contains no additives or preservatives. 

  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE: Most lactose has been removed.

  • LONG LASTING Can last for hours or up to a month!

    • Most customers report 1-3 weeks for a 60-70lbs solid chewer, but it depends on your dog's chewing habits.

    • It is important to buy the right size for your dog. If they can snap pieces off, it won't last. This is typically because the chew size is too small for your pup or you have an improperly made or handled chew.

  • DENTAL HEALTH: Yak Chews Help Prevent Tartar and Plaque While Keeping Gums Strong and Healthy. 


  • CHEW SIZES may vary (L: 7-8 oz.  M: 5-6 oz. S: 3-4 oz. Tiny 1-2oz.)

  • USE ALL of IT:  When the chew has been reduced to a small stub and can become a choking hazard, put it in the microwave, starting at 90 seconds, until you hear or see it puff. Use 20-second increments if it takes longer.  Let it cool down and feed it to your dog as a crunchy treat.

Caring for your Cheese Chew:

  • Cheese Chews should be kept from excessive moisture, out of the sun, and not left outside. 

  • Variations in color and shape with these chews are expected as they are an all-natural product. 

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Dog with Dog Cheese Chew
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