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These are  Himalayan yak cheese chews from Nepal. These chews are handmade by Nepali farmers. This is the quality that almost every else will sell you.  You often see them on Amazon, Chewy etc.


This means they are inconsistent in ingredients, color, shape, flavor, and dryness.  Typically these are fine for all types of dogs will, depend on the batch


Outside air-dried or smoke-dried.


They ship in a box of 7, as shown in the picture.

The weight is approximate. These are 7-8 oz each. You will get a combined 3+lbs of cheese chews.

These are for dogs >55 lbs.


The shelf life is at least two years; store them in a dry place, out of the sunlight, ideally with airflow.




Yak Chew Good-Large. Box of 7 Dog Cheese Chews. Only $10 each

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Shipment
$66.50every month until canceled
  • Protein (min) 75.7% Crude Fat (min) 3.5% moisture (max) 11.5%

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